Thamoi Machum Tahalle

In my opinion, Meitei music/film industry does not get enough love from those outside the Meitei speaking community. Check out the production quality of this video – comparable to that of Bollywood. MANIPURI FILM INDUSTRY In the year 2000, insurgents banned Bollywood films from being screened in Manipur, a small state tucked away in the north-east of India bordering Burma. No Bollywood films are allowed … Continue reading Thamoi Machum Tahalle

Book Review: Jesus of Africa

“Nagaland for Christ” – but, which “Christ” is referred to here? That remains unclear. It is for the Naga tribals then, to take on the task of exploring the all-important question, “Who do the Nagas say I am?” Continue reading Book Review: Jesus of Africa

The dizziness of freedom

One can get a glimpse of the brilliance of Søren Kierkegaard in his book, “Sickness Unto Death“. It is a compact and dense text – but not to be underestimated for its smallness of size. The philosophical crumbs from this book are enough to send a thinker in a trajectory of lifelong contemplation. Despair is the recurring theme of the book. Kierkegaard’s treatment of despair is … Continue reading The dizziness of freedom